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Is Google+ better than Facebook?

I want to switch, but I'm not sure if I should. Facebook is really making me mad lately.

4086 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Most people I have talked to are torn at about a 50/50 rate between Google+ and Facebook, so it essentially appears that which one is better depends on your personal preference. Many people are miffed at Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook because of the constant changes in format and security features. When Google+ first came started being tested last summer, the experts almost unanimously said Google+ was better, but many people are still stuck with Facebook because many of their friends are switching over.

Google+ is Google’s answer to social networking. The Internet giant has not been very successful in their past attempts, but this one is very promising. People flocked over in groves to sign up for the service, but not so many jumped onboard to make it their primary social networking site. The vast majority of users still prefer Facebook and Twitter over Google+.

If you are thinking about switching over, here are some factors that may affect your decision:

1. Google plus is fully integrated with most of Google’s other services. If you use Gmail, Google web search, YouTube and other Google services, you may benefit by using Google+ over Facebook.

2. Google+ has a simpler and more powerful approach to managing friends. Google+ uses a concept called “circles” that allows you create different groups of contacts so you can communicate differently with each. Facebook does have friend lists, but they are awkward and difficult to manage.

3. Because Google+ is integrated so well with other popular Internet services, it is much easier to find and share information with friends. Facebook tried to solve this problem by integrating with Microsoft Bing, but users have to specifically activate a new app for it to take place. Besides, does anyone really search with Bing over Google?

4. Google+ has a fully featured chat system that can even handle group chats. Facebook chat is clunky and buggy. In addition, new changes to Facebook don’t allow you to see all of your friends that are online, only the ones that Facebook thinks you would want to talk to.

5. Google+ is being hailed for keeping users’ private data secure. This is one of the top principals of Google+ because they know it is one of the sorest points users have with Facebook. Google+ has taken the face of a mature company that values your privacy, whereas Facebook often seems immature and fickle.

Posted 4086 day ago

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