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How do you relieve back pain without medicine?

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I'm a very active person, and I also have kyphosis (a back disorder/condition) and every few hours, I get a terrible pain mostly on my upper and lower back. How do I prevent and/or treat this symptom without the use of medicine?

3414 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Back pain can be tricky to deal with. A lot of solutions depend on the source of the back pain. Personally, I have spurring on a few of my vertebrae among other issues with flexion and muscular strength. So I'll let you know what works for me, with no guarantees that these things will help you.

First of all, dealing with the source of the issue is important. Exercising the back and core can help reduce pain. Partial sit-ups, stretches, pilates, bridges, and dog legging are all good ways to improve your core strength and lumbar strength while avoiding risk for further injury. There are many resources online for exercises that can help strengthen your back without injuring it.

As far as in the immediate future, ways to relieve without medication include heat/cold treatment (icy hot, cold packs, etc.), stretching out the back (crossover stretch), and resting on your back on a flat surface with a support pillow in the painful area. Of course, alcohol helps sometims

Posted 2807 day ago

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Question Title How do you relieve back pain without medicine?
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