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How many calories per day?

How many calories are you supposed to eat each day? I always thought that it was 2,000, because that's the standard number on the nutrition facts of most foods, but my friend told me that it depends on the person. Is this true? Could I be eating too much, even though I'm following the recommended Daily Values?

4676 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Your friend is right. The general number of 2,000 calories per day is a guideline set to the "average" person, of normal size and activity. Some people are healthy eating 1,000 calories a day, and some must consume 6,000 or more just to maintain their weight! It depends on your size and body build, as well as the level of activity you engage in every day.
A smaller person needs fewer calories than a larger one. A man who is over six feet tall may need well over the general two thousand calories a day even if he does no special activity, while a woman of under five feet would balloon up with that many. A particularly active person, such as Michael Phelps, needs a tremendous number of calories to keep his energy up and his body healthy, but a couch potato who moves little more than their thumbs to change the channel with the remote requires far fewer resources.
There are calorie-needs-per-day calculators all over the internet, which can help you discover if you're eating too much or not enough for your body type and lifestyle. Try a few, and be healthy!

Posted 4676 day ago

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4028 day(s) ago
Yes everyone of us has his own caloric needs which differs according to different factors such as the mass of the person and his physical activity it also has a way to be calculated exactly for each person on

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