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Is raw cookie dough bad for you?

My friend told me not to eat raw cookie dough. Why?

4514 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Not all types of cookie dough are created equally. It is ok to eat some cookie dough and it can be harmful to eat other sorts of cookie dough. The difference is one key ingredient – raw eggs. Raw eggs are known to be a fast and easy breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, including salmonella. Salmonella food poisoning is so severe it has prompted the health department to recommend that raw eggs never, under any circumstance, be eaten. Unfortunately, most of the best varieties of cookie dough contain raw eggs. Chocolate chip cookie dough is no exception. Whenever you eat uncooked chocolate chip cookie dough that has been prepared at home, you run the risk of contracting a serious illness. Subjecting the cookie dough to the temperatures of the oven kills salmonella bacteria, rendering them harmless and rendering the cookies edible and delicious.

Of course, uncooked cookie dough has become a favorite ingredient in many other sorts of products, such as ice cream, cakes, and candies. Premade cookie dough has also become popular as a time saver in preparing fresh-baked cookies. Premade cookie dough and cookie dough used as an ingredient in other prepared foods does not pose the same risk as homemade cookie dough. If real eggs are used in the premade cookie dough, they are flash-heated to kill any bacteria that may be in them. This process is called pasteurization and it is the same process that is used to kill bacteria in store-bought milk. The cookie dough that is an ingredient in another food usually doesn’t contain any eggs at all. Eggs are not important in the taste of the cookie, they are only important in the baking process, so any cookie dough that is not meant to be baked doesn’t need to contain eggs.

If you want to make your own cookie dough at home that can be eaten without being cooked, simply leave out the eggs. Alternatively, you can buy pasteurized eggs in the store and use them in the cookie dough instead of raw eggs.

Posted 4514 day ago

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