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How to straighten hair

What are some ways I can straighten hair?

4607 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

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Posted 4070 day ago

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Mr. Boxy
Setting with heat

By itself, hair dries unevenly, causing some of the hair proteins to bond faster than other parts. This creates curly hair. If you pull your hair straight with a brush and dry it with a hairdryer, the hair will dry straight. This works best if you can use a concentrator tip on the dryer.

If that isn't working, try a flat iron. This applies heat and pressure directly to the hair, forcing it to dry straight.

Setting with salon products

Hairdressing creams like V05 coat the hair in a layer of oil, which prevents the hair from curling as it dries. Styling products like hair spray and mousse create a structure around the hair, letting the user shape it into a straight shape.

Setting with chemicals

Relaxer breaks down hair proteins and reassembles them. While permanent and inexpensive, it also damages the hair, making it unsuitable for other styling treatments.

Brazilian hair treatment uses keratin protein is applied using a flat iron to fill in between hair proteins, keeping the hair strong. Most of these treatments contain high levels of formaldehyde.

Japanese hair treatment uses a chemical solution to break sulfur bonds in the hair, and then a second treatment to put them back together when the hair is straight. Between this activation and deactivation the hair is very brittle and must be carefully managed. This must be done by a salon professional, and can cost hundreds of dollars.

Posted 4607 day ago

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