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Does saccharin and artificial sweetener cause headaches?

My sister always says she gets headaches from using artificial sweetener. Is she serious?

4601 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

It is true that most of the sweeteners cause headaches and many other side effects that's why you should pick carefully which one you use. I did a lot of research and i came across a product called Natvia. It is all natural and almost zero calorie.

Natvia never caused me any side effects and it is the only sweetener i trust. Check out their website

Posted 4086 day ago

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Artificial sweeteners have been linked to a whole host of side effects, many of them far worse than a headache. Each type of artificial sweetener has different side effects.

Saccharin, most popularly branded as Sweet’N Low, was once listed as a carcinogen. The study that has shown so, however, has proven controversial because of the amount of saccharin given to the mice. Those who were critical of the study claimed that the mice that developed cancer were given so much saccharin that it is virtually impossible for humans to eat so much in such a small time frame. They also claim that the same amount of any substance will cause cancer or other ill effects. Because of this information, saccharin was later removed from the official list of known carcinogens by the National Toxicology Program. Saccharin has also been linked to allergic reactions in some people, and all other side effects stem from the allergy. These side effects are: rashes, hives, diarrhea, headaches, and trouble breathing. Another study has also found a link between saccharin in baby formula and the development of muscle disorders.

Aspartame is more popularly known by the brand names Equal and Nutrasweet. Aspartame has been linked to several medical conditions and the FDA has limited the safe intake of aspartame in humans to 50 mg/kg body weight. A single packet of Equal contains 22 mg, so a 130 lb (59 kg) person can safely consume 134 packets of Equal at once. Studies show that people who suffer from migraines and consume aspartame have more frequent and painful headaches. People with mood disorders have also shown psychological complications due to aspartame ingestion. As for cancer, studies in the past have shown a correlation, but newer studies refute the evidence.

Sucralose is the newest of the sweeteners and is branded as Splenda. Sucralose contains small amounts of chlorine, which is poisonous to animal species. Other side effects associated with it are diarrhea, nausea, rash, cough, mood disorders, depression, and many others, but none of these have been scientifically proven and it is too new a product for any long-term studies to have been finished yet.

Posted 4601 day ago

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Question Title Does saccharin and artificial sweetener cause headaches?
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