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How to Break Up

I want to break up with my boyfriend, but I don't know exactly how to do it.

4502 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Not every relationship works out. At some point, one party in the relationship often decides that it is no longer beneficial for them to continue. If you are a victim of abuse, then breaking up should not be difficult because you neednít concern yourself with anotherís feelings. If your partner didnít do anything wrong, then you afford it to them to be honest and tactful. This will most be a difficult time, and if someone was good enough for you to have a relationship with, then they are good enough to be broken up with respectfully. You may even remain friends in the future.

You should always break up with someone yourself and in person. Never have someone else do it for you. You should also never break up over the phone, email, through a text message, or by writing a letter. Simply tell them you need to talk to them about an important matter and invite them to an appropriate place. A semi-secluded public place, like a restaurant or park, works well. Tell them calmly and clearly that you are breaking up with them. Give them a few moments. They will ask you why. Be prepared, and be honest in your answer.

What you do after the break up can also be very important. If you decided to be friends, be a friend. However, you must be firm and not allow them into your romantic space. You, yourself, may have regrets shortly after the break up. Let these feelings pass and donít talk about getting back together. Give your now ex some space and time to heal. With time, you will both be better off this way.

Posted 4502 day ago

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