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How to Change Brake Pads

How can I replace my own brake pads?

4502 day(s) ago

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Brake pad replacement is one of the most common forms of car maintenance. You can take your car into the shop and be gouged or just do it yourself for the price of the pads. Brakes come in two sorts drum and disc. Most cars now have all-around disc brakes but some cars still use rear drum brakes. Front disc brakes wear out the fastest, so these are the ones that we will focus on. The front brakes pads can be seen behind the front wheels. Checking the pads is as simple as viewing them. They will also make a squealing sound when they need changing.

You will need to jack up the front end of the car. Before doing so, put blocks behind the rear wheels, make sure the car is in park or in gear for a manual transmission, and the parking brake is set. Once the car is jacked up, remove either of the front wheels. This is done more easily by loosening the lug nuts before you jack up the car. Disc brakes are simply designed. The two pads are held in place with some clips, and attached to them is a caliper that squeezes them together. Remove the caliper by unbolting it. Remove the bolts and/or clips on the brake pads. If the rotor is not scored, all you have to do is insert the new pads. On the back of the caliper is a flat-topped metal piece, called the piston. Push it in to move the brakes to their full open position. Apply some brake pad grease to the backs of the new pads, and clip them into place. Replace the caliper. Replace the tire. Repeat on the other side.

Posted 4502 day ago

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