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How to Say I Love You

What's the best way to tell someone you love them?

4502 day(s) ago

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Some would argue that the best way to say I love you is to just come out and say it. Dont say it, though, if you dont mean it. Make it special. It could cause concern for that special someone to hear you say you love them and five minutes later hear you say you love peanuts. Of course, there are those who believe the best way to say I love you is not with words at all but with actions. It is said that actions do speak louder than words. Another camp of thought says why be boring with the same old I love you over and over again. Mix it up a little with some other phrases.

If you want to say I love you through your actions, make sure you do several of the following.

1. Always show general courtesy.
2. Pay attention to your significant other.
3. Be open and honest.
4. Forget the past and only look ahead.
5. Make your lover laugh.
6. Be adventurous.
7. Ask for help, whether needed or not.
8. Be proud of your relationship.
9. Compliment your other half in front of company.
10. Show interest.
11. Write unexpected love notes.
12. Always keep your promises.
13. Always ask.
14. Know and say why you love him or her.

If you like to be vocal, you can change up the constant I love yous by saying any one of these.
1. I cant live without you.
2. I adore you.
3. I need you.
4. I yearn for you.
5. You are my everything.
6. You drive me wild with desire.

Posted 4502 day ago

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