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How to Get Revenge

I want to get revenge on this guy at work. What are some good ideas?

4502 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

When someone hurts us physically or emotionally, one of the first reactions we have is to get revenge. Revenge is never something I would recommend. It can be a dangerous path to follow and often it comes right back around to us in the end. Many revenge plots can easily land you in a lawsuit, or, even worse, jail. To be sure, most forms of revenge are illegal in one way or another. If the target of your revenge wishes to call the police, those with a motive will be the first people suspected. That means you. Certainly, the old saying holds true in cases of revenge. “The best revenge is living well.” Improving your life attaining goals may hurt your target more than anything. Some revenge can be just silly and harmless. Public embarrassment is usually the goal. Here are a few examples of safe revenge.

1. Smother your target’s door handles with Vaseline. Try not to get it on any painted surfaces.

2. Sprinkle birdseed around public parking spaces where their car is. The more birds, the greater the chance of the car getting covered in unsightly stains.

3. Take out an ad in a local newspaper. Using only first names, have printed exactly what horrible thing they did to you. Be honest.

4. If they have a garden, they probably use an herbicide to kill weed. Replace it with plant food.

5. Gather all the punched holes from the paper punch at the office and fill their hat with them. You can also use flour.

Of course, there are much more sinister forms of revenge, but these simple ideas will ensure your own safety.

Posted 4502 day ago

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