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How to Make a Paper Gun

My friend has a cool toy gun made all of paper. How can I make one too?

4222 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Making a paper gun seems difficult at first, but once you get a set of instructions in front of you, there is nothing to it. These steps will get you a decent, firing paper gun.

1. Use a regular piece of computer. Roll it up along the long side, from left to right or vice versa. Tape the tube together at each end. It should be about 1 cm in diameter.

2. Using another sheet of paper, roll it up like the first one. Use the first one as a guide, rolling it around the first, sliding it off after taping the ends.

3. Cut the top half off the second tube from one end about 3 inches long. Tape it so it is secure.

4. Insert the first tube through the uncut end of the second tube to the hole. Tape the tubes together.

5. Roll another piece of paper around the second tube. Pull off and tape. Make another one, exactly the same, but cut an inch off the end.

6. Cut a 5-inch section of the tube with the 1-inch piece cut out. Roll the 5-inch tube tight. Itís the handle. Roll the other part of the tube over the 5-inch part. Roll it conical so the handle can be held. Insert the 5-inch piece and tape them together.

7. Cut a U-shape in the handle and fit the 1-inch piece in the U. Tape the pieces together and insert the long tube with the top cut out. Tape them together in a gun shape.

You now have the basic gun shape. These videos will help you complete the gun.

Posted 4222 day ago

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