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How to play bass

How do I play bass guitar?

4220 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
If you're familiar with playing the guitar, you can use most of these mechanics to play a bass. Notes are played by using your left hand to push the string against the fret to shorten it, and then striking the string downward with your right hand, called strumming.

Along with strumming, there are three other ways to play a note. Slap bass is played by slapping the string with your thumb. A pop is played by plucking the string. Taps are played by pushing on the string with your right hand the same way you push it against the frets with your left hand.


Bass tabs are written horizontally from highest string to lowest. Let's say you have a tab for a song is written in 4/4:

G -------------4--|
D --0S-------------|
A ---------7-------|
E 3---------------|

Note that when you're holding the bass, the E string is on top and G is on the bottom.

Each - is a sixteenth note.
The | indicates the end of the measure.

The number indicates the fret you need to play on that string. Open strings are marked by a 0.

Other marks can be added to indicate effects:

S Slap
P Pop
T Tap
/ Slide up
\ Slide down

If there is no mark, you should play the note by strumming.

Posted 4220 day ago

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