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Where to meet women

Where can I meet women?

3490 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Get a social hobby. Bike, run, go to ren fairs, play music, learn a craft, volunteer for a political action group, or do anything else you can think of that will get you out of the house. Remember it's not just about meeting a girl, it's also about increasing the size of your social network, which will in turn increase your chances of meeting that special someone. When you do find someone, you can break the ice by talking about your mutual interest.

Women are less defensive in social situations that aren't aimed to be pickup spots. Chatting up a girl in a checkout line will probably get you further than chatting them up in a bar.

Dating sites are also a good way to meet women. Not all dating sites are created equal: Specialist sites run the gamut from those with similar lifestyle choices, general interests, or sexual kinks. Ignore the stats and try to find one that caters to your interests. Like hobbies, these sites give you a common ground to start a conversation.

Posted 3490 day ago

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Question Title Where to meet women
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