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How to play tennis

How do I play tennis?

3490 day(s) ago

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A tennis court is divided into three main sections. The boxes by the net are the service areas. Balls must bounce in this area before they can be hit. The large rectangle behind this is the backcourt, where most of the gameplay happens. The tramlines on the sides mark off the space for singles play. Doubles teams can use the entire court.


The game begins with a serve. The server starts behind the baseline, the line furthest from the net, while the receiver can be anywhere on his or her side of the court. The server tosses the ball up and hits it toward the service box of the opponent's court. If the ball touches the net the server can try again, but if it doesn't bounce off the service box the opponent scores a point.

Rallying and returning

The players must now hit the ball back and forth between each other. Each time the ball has to go over the net and bounce once before the opponent can hit it. When someone misses the ball, the opponent scores a point.


To win, a player has to score two points more than their opponent, and have a total of at least four points. One point is scored as 15, two as 30, and three as 40. Having no points is called "Love," and if both players have three points it's called "deuce."

Posted 3490 day ago

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