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How to learn Spanish

How do I learn Spanish?

3490 day(s) ago

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Answers (3)

I'd say the best way would be to find either a few books and a lot of audio sources or visit a Spanish speaking society. After a certain age it becomes hard to store foreign language. But it is possible if you can actually hear the language spoken.

Posted 3025 day ago

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we can learn spanish from online otherwise you can join classes of Japanese.
now a days almost all language teaches in any city.

Posted 3413 day ago

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Mr. Boxy
Spanish is the most popular second language to learn in the U.S, so resources are readily available. Every college in the country with foreign language classes will include Spanish in their curriculum. There are also several colleges and language schools that teach full-immersion Spanish in their native countries. Most local colleges here have partnerships with these schools, or you can go to them directly. If you are studying by yourself, there are a number of on-line and physical resources you can use.

ESAudio has the most language videos on Youtube, but they're hardly the only ones out there.

Annenberg Media also has "Destinos," which is available on their website and in most public libraries. It centers education around a telenovela (soap opera,) helping you quickly adjust to native speakers.

Since there's a large population of native Spanish speakers in the U.S, study material is always at hand. If you have cable or satellite, you probably get a few Spanish-language channels like Univision or mun2. If you have a large Hispanic population, you probably have a local Spanish-language newspaper.

If you're working on translations, try newspapers. Some papers, like Washington Voz, come in both Spanish and English editions, so you can compare your translations to the actual texts.

Posted 3490 day ago

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