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How to Iron

How do you iron clothes? My clothes are wrinkled and I have a job interview next week.

3743 day(s) ago

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Polls show that ironing is the most despised of household chores. Thatís why not many people are good at it; we spend most of our lives trying to avoid it. Later in life, when mom is no longer around to help us out, ironing becomes unavoidable. Itís best to learn now before you are stuck in a situation where wrinkled clothes can affect the outcome. To begin, add water up to the fill line, and plug in the iron. Allow it 5 minutes to heat up. Be sure itís standing on its side. Check the tag of the clothing that needs ironing for special instructions. Follow those instructions. If a heat setting is not recommended, cotton is ironed high, cotton blends and wool are ironed on medium, and nylon, silk, and polyester is ironed on low.

Iron the collar first, back and front. Next, lay a sleeve tightly across the board. Iron the sleeve in a double layer, back side first, from seam to cuff. Repeat for the other sleeve. For the rest of the shirt, iron in a single layer. Start on the left side. Lay as much of the shirt as possible on the board. Iron and move to the next section of shirt until it is finished. Remember to always keep the iron in motion or you will burn the fabric, rendering the garment either a rag or garbage. Also, use the mister on stubborn wrinkles before ironing.

Put the pants over the short end of the board and iron completely around. Place a leg on the board, creating a seam in the front and back. Iron the inside of each leg and then the outside.

Posted 3742 day ago

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