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How to Make Bows

How do you make a bow from straight ribbon?

4244 day(s) ago

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Bow-making has become somewhat of a lost art in modern days, as, more and more, our time becomes precious and, we look to premade shortcuts. Most premade bows, however, will never match a bow made by hand. Premade bows are also expensive. You will get much more bow for your buck by buying rolls of ribbon.

When making a bow, the first thing to decide is which type of bow you want. Your choice will be from at least 10 types of common bows, including the floral bow, graduated loop bow, layered bow, triple floral bow, faux bow, tailored bow, and the three-loop bow. Letís start out with the common puffy bow. To start, take your ribbon and wrap it around the four fingers on one hand six times. Slide the ribbon off as one piece and fold it in half. Cut the corners off of the folded part of the ribbon. Open the ribbon up again so that your cuts become notches. Tie a bow wire or string tightly around the notches. Working from inside out, then left to right, pull out each loop and give it a twist. By the end, your bow will have naturally taken form.

To make a three-loop bow, take your ribbon and make a loop on the left. Make a loop on the right. Then, make another loop on the left. Hold the loops together with your thumb on top, and roll the ribbon over your thumb, creating a tighter center loop. Twist the end, and pull it down. Rotate the second loop to the top and tie the center together under the center loop.

Posted 4243 day ago

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