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How to Change a Tire?

How do I change a flat tire on my car?

4244 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Tire changing is a skill that every driver should know. Even if you are a member of AAA, it can be faster to change a flat tire yourself.

The first step in changing the tire is finding the spare tire and jack. They are both usually in the trunk, but they can be under a false bottom in the trunk or suspended on the bottom of the car. If suspended, there will be a release in the rear of the car. Once you have the tire, jack, and tire iron, you will need to find the jack point. You can use any secure part of the frame of the car, but there will be a grooved slot in the side just in front of the front doors, or just behind the rear doors. Make sure the car is in gear if manual or in Park if automatic. The parking brake should also be applied. Raise the car just enough so that the jack is secure. Once you have the jack in place, use the tire iron to remove the lug nuts on the tire.

Now, jack the car up enough so the tire is off the ground. Remove the tire and replace it with the spare. Screw on the lug nuts as far as you can by hand and then use the tire iron. Lower the car, and tighten the lug nuts again, making sure they are secure. If your spare is full-size, you can continue on your way. If your spare is a smaller “donut,” you will want to get the full-size tire back on as soon as possible.

Posted 4243 day ago

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Question Title How to Change a Tire?
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