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How to Do a Split

My friend can do a split really easy, but my body just doesn't bend that way. Will it ever be possible to do a split?

4543 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

The number one factor is being able to do a split easily is genetics. Some people have a natural genetic aptitude for the split and can do it perfectly on the first try. Others, being most of us, require several weeks, or even months, of conditioning. If you canít do a split right off the bat, you will have to undergo a series of stretches designed to help your body be able to contort into position.

ē Kneeling on one leg, rest your other foot on a platform elevated one foot off the ground in front of you. Make sure your knee is bent at a 90 degree angle, and your foot is resting flat on the platform. Straighten your thigh so that your two thighs are running in-line, forming a split from one knee to the other. If you canít get your thighs in a 180 degree straight line, give your hips a push forward. Do not strain yourself. If you canít do it, you canít do it. Get as close as possible. You will improve in the following days. Hold the stretch for a count of 50. Switch legs and repeat.

ē Using the foot-tall platform or mat, kneel with your kneeling leg at a 90 degree angle, upper leg horizontal, lower leg perpendicular. Straighten the leg resting on the mat, and lean forward, keeping your body in-line with your straight leg. Hold for a count of 50. Switch legs and repeat.

ē Try a split as far down as you can go. Have two low chairs or other sturdy objects on each side so you can support yourself with your hands.

Posted 4543 day ago

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