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How to make a ringtone

How do I make my own ringtones?

4233 day(s) ago

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A ringtone is a short compressed music file. The format varies from phone to phone, so you'll need to do a search on your model: most will support mp3 files, but there may be limits on bit rates. Depending on your phone and carrier, you may also need to "root" or "jailbreak" your phone to use your own files as ringtones.

You will need to create a 10-20 second audio file using an audio editor. If you don't have one, you can download Audacity for Windows, OS X, or Linux for free here:
You may also need the LAME mp3 encoder, which you can get here:

Open the music file you want to get the ringtone from. You will now see a waveform of your song. Press play and you'll see a line move across as it plays, showing what you are listening to on the waveform. Once you find the part you want, select the section and copy it. Paste this selection as a new file. You'll be asked what format and bitrate you want to save it as: set this to what works for your phone. Connect your phone to the computer and copy this new file to the ringtone directory.

You can also use Audacity to add effects, like fading the song in and out.


The iPhone uses AAC files, but the file extension will need to be changed to "m4r." You may get a warning that changing the extension name may make it unusable. Sync this file with iTunes' ringtone folder, and your phone will automatically add it the next time you connect it to your computer.


Droid phone users can download the free Ringdroid app. This is an audio editor that works like Audacity: simply open a music file, select the piece you want to use as a ringtone, and save, marking it as a "ringtone" file.

Posted 4233 day ago

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