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How to draw a face

How do I draw a face?

4233 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
First, draw some lines you can use as a guide for proportions.

Faces are basically symmetrical. Draw a line down the center of your paper. When you add the facial features, they will mirror each other on this line: the eyes and eyebrows will be at equal distances from this line while the mouth and nose will be split down the center. Draw your basic head shape over this line.

Draw a line at the bottom of the hairline, and another at the bottom of the chin. Now, draw two more lines between these, so you have three equal sections between the hairline and the chin. The top section is the forehead. The next section contains the eyebrows, which are against the top line, followed by the eyes, and finally the nose, which ends on the bottom line. The last section contains the mouth and the chin. When most new artists draw a face, they leave out most of the forehead because it's not something we pay much attention to.

Placing and shape of the objects on the face depends on the individual subject and their mood. For example, if you are drawing a manga-style character, you will do something like this:

Facial expressions generally move the entire face. Facial features go up when you're happy, and down when you're sad. If someone is happy, their mouth will widen and move up, their eyebrows will lift, and their cheeks will move close to their eyes. If someone fakes a smile, only their mouth will move. If they are angry, their mouth will lower and open slightly, while their eyebrows will move down and inward, creating a furrowed brow. If they are sad, the mouth and eyebrows will move down, and the eyes will squint.

Posted 4233 day ago

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