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Do men need sex more often than women?

It seems like all men think about is sex. Do women think about it so much too?

3633 day(s) ago

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To answer your question, it is first important to understand that neither men nor women “need” sex. Sex is not a requirement of health or life. Although some people, psychologically, deal with sex deprivation easier than others, nothing bad will happen from not having it. Understanding this changes the question to something more like, “Do men want sex more often than women?” The answer to this question is highly subjective. Some women definitely want sex more often than some men. A lot of men want sex more often than most women, but not all. Sex drive, or libido, also varies for women with their menstrual cycle. Most women tend to have a higher libido when they are ovulating and a lower libido while they are menstruating.

Several studies have been conducted on the subject of the differences in sex drive between men and women and a few hard facts have been revealed:

• Most men think about sex more often than women. Most men report that they think about sex at least once per day. Only about 25% of women report this frequency.
• Men are more avid in pursuing sex. Even if women are thinking about it, they are not as likely to act on their thoughts.
• Men masturbate more than women. Two-thirds of all men report that they masturbate. Only 40% of women report doing so.
• Women are better at keeping a vow of chastity, but not much more so than you would think. 62% of priests report having had sexual activity during their priesthood, and 49% of nuns admit to breaking their vow.
• Women are more influenced by their peers when it comes to sex. A woman’s sex drive is higher if her close friends have high sex drives.

Posted 3633 day ago

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Question Title Do men need sex more often than women?
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