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How to cook steak

I love steak, but every time I make it at home it turns out hard as a rock and dry! How can I cook steak at home and have it come out restaurant quality?

3758 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Making steak is one of those things that's hard at first, but completely rewarding once you have it down. There's really only a few tips you need, and they'll allow you to make an amazing steak. These instructions are for making a steak on the stove; you can grill them, but I like the temperature control I get with my stove top.

- Make sure your steak is room temperature before you cook it. This will allow you to cook it as rare as you like, and it won't be cold in the middle.

- Make sure your pan is very, very hot! This allows the steak to sear instead of slowly sort of steam in its own juices, which isn't tasty.

- Do sear the steak; this locks in the juices and gives it a lot of flavor. An un-seared steak is boring!

- Don't play with it once you put it in the pan. Leave it alone! The steak will sear better and cook more evenly if you just let it do its steak-y thing.

- Knowing when your steak is done is a matter of feel, and you've got a great comparison right on hand (ha!) at all times. Touch the soft part of your thumb, palm up; your steak should feel that soft for rare. Touch closer to the outside of your thumb, palm up, where it's firmer; that's medium. Well-done is the hard center of your palm.

That's it! Cooking steak's easy!

Here’s an online chef with some other good tips, including how to buy and prepare your meat! He has a fun accent, too.

Posted 3758 day ago

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