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Can you get a disease from a toilet seat?

My friend got an STD. She knows she got it from her boyfriend, but he told her he must have got it from a toilet seat at a gas station. Is this possible?

4566 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

For the most part, people do not catch diseases from toilet seats. This has long been an excuse for men and women alike who have caught diseases from cheating on their significant other. If your special someone tries to pull this off on you, donít believe it. Sexually transmitted diseases are spread by sex or direct blood contact. Of course, my answer depends on the fact that you are not sitting on toilet seats covered in fresh blood or semen. Even if you did sit on a toilet seat covered in blood or semen, you would have to have an open wound contacting the toilet seat. This could possibly give you some common diseases such as a cold or flu. Most pathogens that are sexually transmitted cannot survive long outside of a human body. Herpes, syphilis, and AIDS can be spread through non-sexual means, but you must both have some kind of cut or open sore that comes into contact with each other.

Tests have been done on toilet seats that show them to have fewer bacteria than objects that are touched with hands. Hands are responsible for spreading most diseases that can be acquired through casual, indirect contact. Door knobs or handles are the major culprit in most bathroom situations. Many people believe urine can spread disease, but this is false. Urine is a sterile solution. It contains bacteria only if the person has a urinary tract infection. All other urine contains no disease-causing organisms. If you are worried about parasites, such as crabs, you also neednít worry about toilet seats. Parasites donít like hard, cool surfaces. If any were to get on a toilet seats, they would immediately crawl off onto the floor.

Posted 4566 day ago

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Question Title Can you get a disease from a toilet seat?
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