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How to draw a dragon

How do I draw a dragon?

3945 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

A dragon is...

...a giant winged lizard with a pointed snout that breaths fire and guards huge treasures.

...a long snake with small clawed feet and shoots of hair across its back that shows up at Chinese parades.

...a dog-like creature that flies around Fantastica, declaring any problem can be solved "with luck!" s-shaped burninator of peasants.

There may be no right or wrong way to draw a dragon, but there is one thing all these styles have in common: they are a pastiche of parts from real animals. In fact, it's believed that the classic Western and Chinese dragons came about as a way to explain dinosaur bones.

To draw a dragon, find some reference photos for the following and put them together:

The head of a crocodile
The hair from a lion's mane
The skin of a snake, including both small scales on top and wide scales on the stomach
The feet of an eagle
The horns of a goat

Add some stylistic touches, and you have a dragon.

Posted 3945 day ago

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