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What happens if you're hit by lightning?

Does it hurt? Do you pass out? Does it cause nerve damage?

3945 day(s) ago

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Most people pass out, and those that don't report blacking out but still moving around, often not realizing what happened. In some cases, the victim will move away from the blast area before becoming aware of his or her surroundings again. The end result is disconcerting considering all the damage a strike can do.

The electric charge is something like being shocked with a defibrillator. Muscles in the body tense up, flinging the person into the air. This can also cause heart failure. Most victims feel numb immediately afterwards.

The lightning can arc through any metal on your body like jewelry or a cell phone, causing third-degree burns. There will also be deep burns around the areas where the electricity enters and exits your body.

Lightning superheats the air, causing an explosion. This creates the sonic boom we know as thunder. The pressure wave can tear the clothing off of your body and rupture your ear drums.

So, if you're hit by lightning, you may find yourself deaf, numb, naked, and burnt, with no clue what just happened to you. Unsurprisingly, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is common among strike survivors.

After the strike, you may have seizures, memory problems, sleep problems, and changes in personality. These symptoms can be temporary or permanent.

Ten percent of people struck by lightning die, for an average of about fifty-eight deaths per year in the U.S, just ahead of tornadoes.

Posted 3945 day ago

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