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How to make a book at home

How do I make a homemade book?

3858 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

it's very simple to make a book.
when i was in school me and my friend was making book in holidays.
take some blank paper cut in similar size then use tough paper at outer side then stick blank paper into inner side.
your book is ready.

Posted 3814 day ago

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Paper is arranged in long fibers that form a grain, much like wood or meat. The pages of your book will need to placed so they fold with the grain. Pick up a piece of paper from your printer. You'll notice that it's much easier to fold the long sides together than the shorter top and bottom: this is because the grain runs up and down the paper. There are several on-line stores that specialize in bookmaking paper that will tell you which way the grain runs so you can match it to your planned book size.

There are a few different to bind a book, but I'm going to tell you the simplest method:

Each sheet of paper will have four pages printed on it. The first sheet will have the first and fourth page on the back, and the second and third page on the front. If you are printing from a word processor, go to page setup and click "2 pages per sheet." Under "Print" there will be a "page order" option. Click on this, and type out the pages you want printed, i.e. 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, etc. Remember you'll need to print the fronts, let the ink dry, and then feed the paper back through the printer to print the backs.

Now you're ready to put the book together. Fold your sheets of paper in half. To get a flat seam, press against it with a bone folder or the back of a spoon.

Get a piece of paper longer than your page papers and make a fold along the edge of the page.
Press the stack of paper together using a jig, as shown in the video, or a couple boards with a C-clamp. Spread a layer of glue across the spine. Use a flexible glue: this should be noted on the packaging. Regular paper glue will not work. Fold your cover over the glue and let it dry. Finish by folding and trimming the cover around the other side.

Posted 3858 day ago

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