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If you cross your eyes long enough, will they stay that way?

If you cross your eyes, can they stay like that?

4563 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Mr. Boxy
Only if you're a kid and you cross your eyes a really, really long time.

Remember when "Magic Eye" pictures were really popular, and people would stare at them trying to see 3d objects? If your eyes would stick, there would be a lot of cross-eyed people walking around.

If you were to cross your eyes for a long time, you could fatigue your eye muscles, causing your eyes to drift apart temporarily.

There is a medical condition called strabismus which can cause people to have permanently crossed eyes. This mainly arises from birth defects or nerve damage, but it can become a secondary condition as a way to compensate for vision problems. In these cases, the brain can't quite line up the eyes, which either results in double vision, or compensated vision that appears singular to the sufferer but isn't truly binocular. This coping mechanism only works in children up to the age of six.

So yes, your eyes can stick, requiring medical treatment to straighten out again, but only if you're young, and only if you have a vision problem that forces you to cross your eyes constantly to see. People over the age of 6 won't compensate for the eye change, and even the most avid eye crosser will only achieve a temporary impairment.

Posted 4563 day ago

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Question Title If you cross your eyes long enough, will they stay that way?
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