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Why does getting hit in the balls hurt so much?

It's completely unreal. It's the most traumatic pain ever to be known.

4561 day(s) ago

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Every man dreads being hit in the balls. Of all places to be hit, no one spot produces so much incapacitating pain. The balls, more properly called the testicles or testes, are possible the most sensitive organ to pain in the male body. Why does it have to be this way? The pain associated with trauma to the testicles is a natural defense meant to get us to protect them. The testes are responsible for producing sperm, thus they are a requirement for the survival of the species. Sperm are very fragile and sensitive to high and low temperatures. For this reason, they must be away from the rest of the body and relatively exposed. Any type of shielding would put them too close to the body and make them overheat. So, the only defense afforded the testes is to get us to protect them ourselves by whatever means possible. The testicles are densely packed with nerve-endings that lead to pain. Anyone who has a taken a good smack in the balls can attest to the fact that they are thereafter quite a bit more watchful over them.

Getting hit in the testicles can cause several different symptoms:

Vomiting the sudden jolt of nerve-endings can cause you to lose your lunch.
Loss of consciousness the intense pain has caused some people to pass out.
Muscle spasms testicular torsion requires a trip to the emergency room.
Testicular rupture means the testicle will have to be removed.
Infertility testicular trauma can affect sperm production temporarily or permanently.
Ruptured blood vessels can cause the scrotum to fill with blood, requiring medical draining.

Kicking or otherwise hitting someone in the testicles is serious business. It should not be done just playing around. This critical strike should be reserved for defending yourself in serious situations.

Posted 4561 day ago

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Question Title Why does getting hit in the balls hurt so much?
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