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Can bugs live in your ear?

Is it possible for bugs to get in your ear and just make themselves at home. I heard a woman died when a worm got into her brain from her ear.

4622 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

no shes still alive . maybe in time she will die who knows.

Posted 3997 day ago

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Yes. Bugs can live in your ear. Most of the time they just wander in unknowingly and take a nap. They do no harm and eventually find their way out or they annoy you enough to get them out yourself. One famous story of a bug wandering into someoneís ear deals with John Hanning Speke, the man who found the source of the Nile River. One night, a bunch of small, black beetles entered his tent but he was too tired to do anything about it, so he just went to sleep. During the night, one of the bugs went inside his ear and got stuck. He tried to get it out but only pushed it in further. Eventually, it died in his ear and it got seriously infected. Speke claims parts of the beetle were still found inside his ear up to 7 months later. There are at least three other verified accounts that I know of, but this was the most famous, even being featured in a movie about Speke, Mountains of the Moon.

Certain parasites may also live in the ear, especially if you have particularly hairy ears. Ear mites are common parasites in dogs and cats. If you make head-to-head contact with a pet that is heavily infested, the ear mites can jump to people and live in a personís ears. Another parasite that could live in the ear is a tick. Ticks donít seek out the ear, but they could enter by happenstance and dig in there like they would in any other part of the body.

Usually, getting a bug in your ear is not a major concern. Most bugs and spiders would more happily enjoy living in your hair than in your ear. Any that do get into your ear wonít stick around for long, unless they are literally stuck.

Posted 4622 day ago

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