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Why do I have one breast bigger than the other?

One of my breasts is obviously bigger than the other one. I wear baggy shirts so no one can notice but I still notice. Why does this happen? Should I do something?

4559 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

When one breast is bigger than the other, this is called breast asymmetry. It is a very common occurrence, especially among adolescent women who are still going through puberty. Asymmetrical breasts often correct themselves, but it is necessary to note that most women’s breasts are not completely the same. Almost every woman with natural breasts has a slight difference between the two. Some reports say that, for most women, the left breast is a little bit, about 4 percent, larger than the right.

Breast asymmetry usually occurs during periods of rapid growth between the ages of 12 and 18. As estrogen begins coursing through a young girl’s body, the breasts respond to it differently. Large amounts of estrogen are released in cycles, and disruptions in the cycles can cause the breasts to grow differently. Differences may not always be in size. Some asymmetries are in shape or form.

If asymmetry is more than slight, such as a full cup-size or more in difference, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor. The doctor will first determine if there is any cancerous tissue responsible for the asymmetrical growth. If you are a teenager, the doctor should let you know that, often, the smaller breast catches up in size with the larger one later in development. A good doctor will not recommend surgical procedures unless the woman is 21 or older. Some doctors, however, are just out to make a buck and will recommend surgery in teens who are still developing. Always get a second opinion if a doctor recommends surgery. Surgery may include augmentation of the smaller breast or reduction of the larger one, depending on medical conditions, price, and the preference of the patient.

Posted 4559 day ago

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Question Title Why do I have one breast bigger than the other?
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