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Is it okay to work out after eating?

I want to start working out just to tone up my body but I sometimes forget about it or don't have time until after I eat.

3975 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

In some situations, it is perfectly fine to work out after eating. It really depends on the workout and what you are eating. The only contraindication between working out after eating is that a full stomach can make the workout more difficult or uncomfortable. If you eat a full meal, it is probably not a good idea to begin an intensive one-hour aerobic workout. A full stomach can cause muscle cramping or digestive problems. Too much movement after eating a large meal could cause you to have an empty stomach again much sooner than you were expecting. Other than throwing up, cramps, or having a queasy stomach, there is nothing really wrong with eating before you work out. If you are one of those people who has an iron stomach, and you have proven to yourself already that working out doesnít upset your stomach, then you have nothing to worry about.

Although most experts recommend eating after a workout, in some cases it is okay to eat before a workout. It all depends on what you are eating and how much. If it has been several hours since you ate last, an energy bar or a piece of fruit can help you in your workout. Anything with sugars that will give you readily available energy without filling your stomach can help you get through a hard workout with a minimum of fatigue. If you have not eaten for several hours, your available energy stores may be down, which could cause you to lose steam before the workout has ended. The general rule is to give yourself an hour or two after a large meal, and if you havenít eaten recently, something small and sugary can be helpful.

Posted 3975 day ago

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