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Why do nipples get erect?

I'm not complaining. Just wanted to know the reasons.

3984 day(s) ago

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Although nipples can get erect from all sorts of different stimulation, they really become erect for only one reason – to make it easier for a baby to drink milk from them. An erect nipple is easier to take into the mouth, and milk flows more smoothly out of erect nipples.

Nipple erections can occur from direct stimulation with the hands, mouth, or other objects. Cold temperatures can also cause the nipples to become erect. Some women report that their nipples can get erect from indirect stimulation. By stimulating the breasts and the areas around the nipples, the nipples themselves become erect. Other women can get erect nipples from associated stimulation. Any kind of touch that a woman considers erogenous can cause the nipples to stiffen. A smaller group of women can get nipple erections simply by thinking sexually stimulating thoughts.

Although nipple erections seem similar to penis erections in men, they actually work very differently. The penis has specialized erectile tissues that engorge with blood. Men can achieve erections of the penis much faster than women can get erect nipples. This is because nipples become erect through muscle contractions. Nipples become erect when cold because muscles automatically contract when they are cold to conserve heat.

Many women are embarrassed to have erect nipples. They will try to hide them at all costs. For most women, this doesn’t pose much of a problem, but for women who get nipple erections very easily, this can cause a big problem for them. To counteract nipple erections, you can wear warm clothing or firm brassieres that resist outside touches. If a nipple erection occurs, it is possible to stop it through meditation or relaxation. Mentally relaxing yourself will also cause the muscles to relax.

Posted 3984 day ago

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Question Title Why do nipples get erect?
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