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What not to eat when pregnant

I may be pregnant. I want to know what foods I should not be eating that might hurt the baby. I have a doctor appointment next week, but I don't want to wait.

4206 day(s) ago

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Everyone knows that pregnant women get strange cravings to eat everything under the sun. I even know one woman who says she had cravings to eat plaster when she was pregnant. When visiting the doctor, he or she will tell you what you should be eating. Many nutrients are vital during pregnancy, and the best source of them is from food. However, along with the list of what you should be eating when pregnant, there is a whole other list of what you should not be eating. Even though plaster is not on that list, I’m pretty sure that’s also something you shouldn’t eat.

Avoid these foods when pregnant:

1. Caffeine – Anything with caffeine in it, whether it is a soft drink, coffee, or tea should be avoided. Studies show a correlation between caffeine intake and increased risk of miscarriage.

2. Soft cheeses – Cheese such as brie, feta, queso blanco, and bleu are not pasteurized and may be contaminated with bacteria. Hard cheeses are aged in a process that kills these bacteria.

3. Cold meats – Deli meats and other cold cuts can be contaminated with listeria bacteria. It is okay to eat these meats only if you heat them to steaming before consuming. Other meats should also be cooked to medium or medium-well.

4. Fish – A lot of fish contains trace amounts of mercury. Fetuses are especially sensitive to mercury poisoning.

5. Eggs – Eggs can easily become infected with salmonella bacteria. Salmonella is especially dangerous for pregnant women. If you insist on eating eggs, make sure they are thoroughly cooked through. This also means no taste-testing raw cookie dough or cake batter.

6. Alcohol – This should go without saying, but many women have to be reminded that that glass of wine they are used to drinking with dinner should be cut.

Posted 4206 day ago

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