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Do spiders reuse webs?

If a spider happens upon an unused web, do they use it? Can two spiders use the same web?

3925 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
Spiders will not reuse a web in case it isn't vacant. An encounter with another spider will result in one of them being eaten. The vast majority of spiders are solitary, but there are some communal spiders which work together in groups creating large shared webs. You can see in this amateur video a bee getting caught in the net of a Anelosimus guacamayo colony.

As soon as the bee lands, several spiders work together to wrap it up in the web.

These communal webs can be enormous, wrapping around several trees. They may support thousands of spiders, but unlike insect colonies, all of the spiders are fertile. This means there's no real hierarchy in spider communities, and all of the spiders are identical: There are no drone spiders or queen spiders. They mostly live in rainforests, where a communal effort lets them quickly repair webs damaged by rain.

Posted 3925 day ago

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Question Title Do spiders reuse webs?
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