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Do breasts ever stop growing?

3925 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

No, but after a while they stop growing outward and start growing downward. :)

Breasts can grow and shrink several times during a woman's life due to changes in body development, hormones, or fitness.

Breast development begins in the womb, with a milk line and small milk ducts present at birth. At the onset of puberty, fat will fill in the connective tissue around the breast and the milk ducts will increase in size. After the first period, new glands will grow for milk secretion. This stage takes between five and six years, with most growth occurring in the first four years.

After this period, changes in breast size are mainly influenced by hormones. Shortly after ovulation, increased levels of progesterone increase the size of the milk ducts in preparation for pregnancy. If pregnancy doesn't occur, the breasts will return to their normal size during menstruation. If the woman does become pregnant, the breasts will continue to grow up until the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. Some women will return to their former breast size after nursing, while for others the change will be permanent.

During menopause, a decrease in estrogen and progesterone causes the milk glands to shrink and the connective tissue to become inelastic, making the breasts smaller and saggier.

Since breasts are mostly made of fat, changes in overall body fat can change breast size. Bodybuilding won't increase breast size, but it may increase the size of muscles in the back and torso, increasing a woman's bra strap size. An increase in pectoral size will only push the breasts out further.

Posted 3925 day ago

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Question Title Do breasts ever stop growing?
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