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How to heal dislocated nose tip

Dear Doctors and health workers Im desperate and i beg someone for help. Ive already been to doctor and noone could actually help me. I ran into door two weeks ago and hurt my nose and didnt had any blood or swelling only pain in nose cartilage and front teeth in the moment of the hit and now my nose looks a little disfigured, it is shorter from the front and the nose apex increased in projection and is more upturned, even tough this is not some dramative change I wonder is there any help and what should I do, is there anything avaiable besides surgery, could i use some plasters to set up dislocated cartilage or please any advice would be helpful since my doctor told me she wont help since I can breathe normally?? Please help me

4122 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Since the nose tip is pretty much all cartilage, I don't think splits or plasters will work. It sounds like cosmetic surgery might be your option.
I know your doctor said she will not help fix it, but can she give you any advice about cosmetic surgery? She should at least be able to tell you if surgery is the only way to fix it. If she won't tell you that, then get a new doctor...

Posted 4107 day ago

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Question Title How to heal dislocated nose tip
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