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How come?

4168 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)


Posted 4165 day ago

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That is an interesting and deep philosophical question that you ask there.

It goes straight to the heart of the illusionary perceptual non-quantifiability of the status quo of our erstwhile artifacts of egoistic symbolism.

To say that reality is an illusion, or simulation, implies that there exists a level of reality that is ...NOT an illusion.

The non-simulated reality would thus be at the top of the hyperreality hierarchy, where the buck stops. The reality of illusion must necessarily be a simulation, a representative transformation from the simulated abstract to the illusionary "concrete". Thus the invariance of perception still exists even if reality is an illusion; there necessarily exists at least one non-illusionary existence.

The relative nature of perception prevents us from establishing the boundaries of an absolute reference of non-simulation. Thus we are left in constant motion in a hierarchty of evolving levels that reflect the vagiaries of the existential objectivity and the internalized subjectivity.

Feel free to eleaborate on your initial question, if you wish.

Posted 4168 day ago

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