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do farts smell for the benefit of the deaf ?

do farts smell for the benefit of the deaf ?

4152 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Why, yes. Yes, they do. Everyone should have the benefit of being able to enjoy such a wonderful smell without being subjected to bacteria-laden, disease-causing excrement. The deaf would also miss out on many of the subtleties of some of the best fart jokes.

But, seriously, the smell of a fart has nothing to do with the deaf. Nearly every living species in the animal kingdom farts, from the smallest of insects, and even some microorganisms, to the largest animals on the planet, whales. In science, the act of farting is known as flatulence, and farts are called flatus. Flatulence and flatus have the subjects of extensive scientific research. Among the discoveries made is that cow farts are one of the leading causes of air pollution that contribute to the greenhouse effect. What this means is that with your curiosity about the subject, if you get really good grades and apply yourself, you could become the world’s leading fart scientist.

Becoming a fart scientist is a lifelong journey of great wonder and excitement. You will come to learn all about how farts are made, what they are made of and why they smell. You will also learn about the effect of farts on health and the environment. Can you imagine the fame you would achieve if you could invent a product that stopped farts from smelling? You would be rich beyond your wildest imagination. Some budding fart scientists actually begin by keeping a journal of the foods they eat and the farts they produce on a daily basis.

To help potential scientists get started in this field, it is important to understand that farts vary widely from person-to-person and from event-to-event. Some of the contributing factors include personal digestion, bacteria levels in the digestive system, the swallowing of air and foods eaten. People that swallow a lot of air tend to have farts high in oxygen and nitrogen. Methane farts have a distinct smell, but only about 1/3 of all people have methane farts. Methane farts are the ones that can be ignited by a flame. However, you should not try this at home. Many people have suffered from serious burns attempting such a maneuver. Some have even had to go to the emergency room. Scientists have found, though, that methane farts are inherited, so if both your parents are methane farters, chances are, so are you.

The smell of farts is produced by sulfur-containing compounds and compounds rich in nitrogen. Foods that are high in sulfur include eggs, cauliflower and some meats. Beans are one of the foods that cause the highest volume of farts, but they are not really that smelly. If you really want to gross out your friends, a combination of beans, eggs and cauliflower will produce a high volume of smelly farts.

Whether you choose to make farts your career or not, it is important to understand that everything has its purpose, including smelly farts. People with gastrointestinal illnesses may produce especially rank farts, so they may be warning for others to stay away. They also help us in social situations by being the butt of many jokes, and as a shared experience, farts are able to help all people of all cultures understand each other and one day achieve world peace.

Posted 4141 day ago

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Question Title do farts smell for the benefit of the deaf ?
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