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my ingrown toenails

Is there anything I can do to rectify my ingrown toenail problem??Just the first and second toes on each foot....

4096 day(s) ago

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Answers (2)

Home remedies for a painful ingrown toenail include these steps.

Soak your foot in hot, soapy water three to four times a day.
Gently lift the nail away from the reddened skin at the outer corners, with the tip of a nail file.
Place a small piece of cotton soaked in an antiseptic just under the outer comers, if possible.
Repeat the previous three steps daily until the nail begins to grow correctly and pressure is
relieved. (Wear roomy shoes during this period.)

If the toenail edges become red and tender, fill with pus, or otherwise appear infected, see a doctor.

If home treatment fails to work, a physician or podiatrist may have to surgically remove the troublesome portion of the nail, or possibly the entire nail.

To prevent ingrown toenails, cut nails straight across. Don't cut the nails shorter at the sides than in the middle.

Note: Anyone who has diabetes or circulatory problems needs to be very careful to avoid infections of the feet. Trim nails carefully, or have them trimmed by a medical professional, to avoid nicking the skin or fostering an ingrown nail.

Posted 3669 day ago

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Ingrown toenails are actually a very common problem but if not treated in the early stages, they can cause a lot of pain and even infection. Most people experience ingrown toenails only intermittently. However, some people suffer from chronic ingrown toenails, which means it happens each time the nail grows.

The best way to treat ingrown toenails is to try and prevent them before they occur. This can be done by avoiding the risk factors for developing ingrown toenails. Some of the people who are at the highest risk of suffering from this problem are those who wear tight, narrow, or otherwise poorly fitting shoes. Always make sure your shoes are comfortable, fit properly and do not squeeze your feet. Another risk factor is simply having poor foot hygiene. Your feet should be cleaned daily, and your nails should be tended to on a weekly basis. If you have a toenail infection or a fungal growth, these can also cause ingrown toenails. A few other risk factors include obesity, arthritis and diabetes.

Even after reducing all of the known risks, you may still develop ingrown toenails. For some people, treating ingrown toenails is a regular hygienic task. When you notice that an ingrown toenail is beginning, you will benefit by soaking your foot in one of several types of solutions. Some soaking solutions work better than others do for particular individuals. Three common solutions include the following:

Mix 1 part distilled white vinegar with 4 parts warm water.
Mix 1/3 teaspoon chlorine bleach in a small tub of water. Be careful not to add more than this because bleach can be caustic in higher concentrations.
Dissolve a generous portion of epsom salts into warm water.

After the soak, elevate your leg and, using a nail tool, gently peel back the skin that is growing over the nail. Use a strand of dental floss or cotton string to lift the nail up so it is over the skin and not under it. When you trim your toenails, always do so straight across instead of curved in at the sides.

Continue this treatment daily, but if it does not fix the problem after 5 to 10 days, you should see a doctor, preferably a podiatrist or dermatologist, but a general practitioner should be able to help, also. Your ingrown toenail may need to be removed by a minor surgical procedure.

Posted 4087 day ago

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