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When machines become self-aware, is it likely they will be malevolent toward humans?

The singularity is upon us. Can we 100% expect a dystopian future where self-aware artificial intelligence looks out for itself at the expense of the human race? Or is that a bunch of sci-fi baloney?

4124 day(s) ago

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What bjones said seems like a logical answer, if AI interests you, check out, the most up-to-date chatbot that learns from people talking to it. the creators at Cambridge University have announced, as of August 2011, Cleverbot has reached a comparison intelligence of 59% human.

Posted 4077 day ago

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Although only some scientists believe we will one day see a time when an artificial intelligence gains self-awareness, all scientists understand the future is uncertain. It is quite possible that the machines will consider humans a threat. Perhaps it is simply the next step in evolution. Dinosaurs once ruled the planet, and after that, rodents were king. Perhaps, in the future, the world will be ruled by machines.

The rule of the machines may not have to be malevolent, and some say talk of a singularity in life or intelligence on Earth presupposes that machine intelligence and biological intelligence will survive in harmony via cybernetic organisms.

Interestingly, it is one of the first creators of robots in science fiction who understood that should self-aware robots be invented, they will have to be governed by three laws in their programming that can never be overridden. Isaac Asimov was a science fiction writer, scientist and professor in organic chemistry. Among his many creations was the concept of a positronic brain that could, at the very least, match the effectiveness and capacity of the human brain.

Asimov understood that mechanical beings that were physically and mentally superior to humans must be kept in check or chaos, murder and revolution may ensue. The three laws of robotics that would keep humans lords over the machines are as follows:

1. Robots may not injure a human being or allow a human being to be injured through inaction.

2. Robots must obey all orders from humans unless the orders would cause them to break the first law.

3. Robots must protect their own existence, but only if doing so does not cause them to break the first or second laws.

Later on, Asimov though it prudent to add a fourth law that overrode the other three. It was called the zeroth law:

0. Robots may not harm humanity or allow humanity to be harmed through inaction.

Asimov believed this law would sufficient protect human civilization from destruction by intelligent machines.

So, now the question becomes which sci-fi scenario is the baloney: the dystopian society at war with machines or a stable human society with machines under their control. For the answer, we will have to wait and see.

Posted 4096 day ago

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4076 day(s) ago
sounds like the three laws from IRobot, which was written by Issac if i remember correctly, correct me if i'm wrong.

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Question Title When machines become self-aware, is it likely they will be malevolent toward humans?
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