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How to do a backflip?

It looks so neat when people do a backflip from standing perfectly still on the ground! How can I learn to do that?

4710 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Be very careful! Itís easy to hurt yourself permanently by doing a backflip improperly. Make sure you use soft mats whenever you attempt this stunt, and use a spotter. Proper safety is critical!

That being said, backflips are incredible to watch and do. Theyíre not as hard as people anticipate, but there are a few tricks that help to make the process smoother.

There are three parts: launch, flip, and landing. Each has to be done a certain way.
The jump is easy, though it requires some strength to get relatively high to be able to make the whole flip and still land on your feet. As you jump, throw your legs forward as if youíre falling flat on your back, and swing your arms from your sides over your head. This helps start the momentum of the flip.
The flip is the hardest part. It is much like a backwards roll performed on the ground, except with the added difficulty of being in the air. After you complete the launch, continue the motion and bring your legs towards your chest, bending your knees. Do not bring your head towards your knees, as this will counteract the momentum and you will fall on your head. Grab your knees with your hands, and flip! Itíll take a few tries to get it right, but once you get the mechanics right, you should be able to do it.
Landing is also easy. Just put your feet down at the completion of the flip, and balance. It helps if you put your arms out straight in front of you to balance out the momentum of your flip.

This youtube video helps show you what to do; the guy is a little silly, but his technique is great! Warning, bad language at 4:00. Good luck!

Posted 4710 day ago

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