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How to fight?

Some friends of mine are starting up a casual sort of boxing/wrestling/fist-fighting tournament this weekend, and I'd like to participate but I don't know how to fight. What are some tips for avoiding getting myself beaten half to death?

4689 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

I'd be able to help you better if this was a physical fight among women, but I've been in a few scraps with friends and my older brothers, so I can probably come up with a few tips!
The most important thing is to stay focused. Even if you get hurt, or there are distractions all around you, you have to keep your eyes on your opponent. Distraction leads to making mistakes, and mistakes can be the difference between winning and nursing a black eye for the next week!
Watch your opponent. Not only when you're fighting, which is obvious, but if you have the chance to see him (or her!) fight anyone else, pay very close attention! If you can start to recognize the way that person fights, you can start to anticipate the way they might react to you later on.
Keep your distance and watch for an opening. Just grappling and flailing turns into disorganized chaos pretty quickly, and that's not something you want to happen as an inexperienced fighter. You want the fight to progress under your own terms, not theirs; if they try to force you, just be nimble on your feet and avoid them! If you can give yourself time to find a good shot, you're much more likely to do meaningful damage than you would just flinging your arms and legs around.
This last tip might not help you win, but it'll help you keep your friends: fight fair. If rules are established at the beginning of the fight, hold to them. Going for genitalia or hair pulling even if it hasn't been specifically outlawed isn't cool, and it'll damage your relationship more than win the fight.
Good luck!

Posted 4689 day ago

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