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How to get pregnant?

My wife and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year now. We really want a baby! What can I do to help get her pregnant?

4698 day(s) ago

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Fertility is a crazy process. My husband and I went through this process ourselves where we tried to get pregnant for nearly five years! Finally, after tweaking my body and our methods, we finally did manage to do it, and now we have a beautiful family. Here are some of the things that are most important when trying to get pregnant:

Be healthy! An unhealthy body is not equipped to make a baby, and her reproductive system can sense this. If she’s too thin, overweight, not getting enough nutrients, or is too stressed, her body interprets these signals as signs that she’s going through a hard time such as famine or war, and makes it harder for you to produce a baby. To counteract this, make sure you both eat well, with nutrient rich foods, and stay within your optimum weight range. Try to live a less stressful life, and find things that improve your mood. Healthy bodies make babies; you’ll both be more virile this way!
Keep trying! Have sex frequently, in numerous positions, at different times! It's best to focus your efforts around the time when she’s ovulating, which you can discover relatively easily through at-home tests which can assist in pinpointing her time. This only lasts for about a day or so, so it's really a carpe diem sort of moment! This is a less exact way than going to a fertility specialist, but it is also far less expensive.

There are all sorts of wives' tales about position and time and method, but I believe that the most important thing is to prepare yourselves. When it's the right time, hopefully a baby will come. If you get too worried, I might see a specialist, but in the meantime, I hope this helps!

Posted 4698 day ago

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