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How to make a kite?

Iíd like to make a kite for my son and I to play with; whatís a cheap, fairly easy way to make a kite?

4709 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

This is a really fun, easy project to do with your child! To make a traditional diamond-shaped kite, the materials are very simple, and the process is very easy.
As for supplies, you need two thin pieces of wood, like bamboo or dowels. You can usually find these in garden stores. In addition, you need some strips of cloth, strong string, and newspaper pages. To assemble the kite, youíll need scissors, masking tape, and a knife.
First, connect the two thin dowels at their center, to make a 90 degree angle; it will look like a cross. I like to do this with string, and then secure it with tape. Take a piece of string and connect it to the end of each side of the pieces of wood, running it from end to end so that the diamond shape of the kite is outlined. Leave a tail six inches long at the bottom of the diamond.
Cut out the shape of the kite from the newspaper pages, leaving an inch or two of extra around all the edges so that you can fold it over the string and then tape it down. This is the body of the kite!
To make sure it flies correctly, you have to add a tail. Tie one-to-three strips of cloth to the string you left hanging from the bottom of the diamond. This will make it fly right!
Now, just add another string to the center of the kite where the dowels are connected, and youíre done! This is the spool from which youíll fly your kite, so make sure itís long enough to really let her fly.

This youtube video really helps explain it, and walks you through the process step-by-step with visuals. Enjoy your kite!

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Posted 4709 day ago

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