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What are roots for?

4661 day(s) ago

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Iím guessing you are asking about plant roots?

Roots are what plants use to draw water and nutrients from the soil. When a plantís seed gets the water it needs, the first thing to pop out is a root to soak it up. The root will shoot down into the soil, and when it gets big enough the plant will shoot the part that goes above ground up through the soil to collect sunlight. As the plant gets bigger, the roots will get bigger, and a lot of times will be the largest part of the plant! In addition to soaking up water, roots will soak up vital nutrients plants need, such as nitrogen, from the soil.
Roots donít just benefit the plants they support, either. Root systems form a net that holds in topsoil. Without this net, much of the soil and nutrients that are needed to support plant life would blow away in the wind, eventually leaving rocks and desert. Without the soil, plants canít grow, and as the plants go, so does all the life they support. Roots can also be a vital source of food for us- carrots, beets, potatoes, and radishes are all roots.
Another things roots are for is for pissing me off when I try and garden. Canít get a shovel in the ground sometimes without hitting one!

Posted 4661 day ago

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