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how to be cool ?

How can I be cool?

4274 day(s) ago

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Mr. Boxy
If you want to learn how to be cool, there's no better teacher than Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. In just two minutes he demonstrates everything you need to do to be cool:

Be witty: With just a few words, The Fonz is able to put the lead bully and his girlfriend in their place. While you may think some people just have a gift for gab, it's possible to obtain this smoothness with a little work. If you aren't comfortable speaking to people, try taking a speech class or get involved in theater. The only way to get better at talking to people is to practice.

Do something no one else can do: Sure, Fonzie's trademark move of hitting a jukebox to make it play may seem silly, but it's nonetheless impressive. Picking up an unusual hobby will make you more interesting, while a few party tricks can help get you noticed.

Dress for success: People dress up for themselves as much as they do for others. Back in the 50s, nothing said "bad boy" like wearing a black leather jacket. Even when "Happy Days" was shown in the 70s, there were complaints that Fonzie looked a little too much like a hoodlum. Next to the letter jackets of the other boys, he really stands out. Before you go into a situation, choose your wardrobe carefully: it could be a tailored suit, a track outfit, or that little black dress that helps you stand out and gives you the boost you need to get the job done.

Posted 4274 day ago

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