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how to become a teacher ?

How do I become a teacher?

3721 day(s) ago

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Answers (1)

Getting a teaching degree

For the most part, a teaching degree from an accredited university will be enough to be hired in any state, but state requirements may require additional education once hired. High school teachers need a subject-related major combined with a minor in education, middle school teachers will need some combination of major and minor work varying by state, and other teaching positions require eduction-specific degrees.

Getting an "emergency" teaching certificate

Areas with a shortage of teachers in a subject area may declare a hiring emergency. This lets schools hire people who do not have teaching certificates, but do have related degrees. As part of the hiring contract, the new teacher must complete studies to receive a teaching certificate; most schools will have a program in place with a local college. Observation is done during regular class, and classes are taught at night or on-line.

Teaching English overseas

A TEFL or TESOL certificate shows that you have specific training in English language education, and may be required by some schools. However, this isn't always necessary. Most countries will require that you have at least a bachelor's degree, but this can be in any subject.

New teachers generally start in either China or Japan.

In Japan, public school teachers are hired through the JET Programme. This program does not take teachers over the age of 35, and hiring is only done once a year. Jobs are also available with private companies that hire throughout the year. These jobs can be applied for online, and will involve a day-long interview and teaching demonstration at a local office. People hired in these positions are expected to pay for the plane trip over, plus living expenses for the first month.

China is the easiest country to get a teaching job in thanks to a large demand for teachers, but this comes with some caveats. Pay is high by Chinese standards at an average of $600 a month, but far less than most other countries. Contracts are not a solid guarantee like they are here: your boss will use the contract as a starting point, negotiating to reduce these obligations during your employment.

Posted 3721 day ago

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