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how to make yogurt ?

Someone told me it is easy to make yogurt. How easy is it?

3798 day(s) ago

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While asking how to make homemade yogurt may seem like a strange question, since you can buy a personal serving already made at the store for 60 cents, there are several reasons to make it yourself.

Homemade Yogurt:

• Has no preservatives.
• Tastes better.
• Costs less than 60 cents per serving.
• Reduces the use of plastic packaging.

• 2 Pots (1 large, 1 medium) or 1 double broiler
• Large stock pot with lid for sterilization
• Medium pot (4-5 qt)
• Metal spoon
• Candy thermometer, clip-on
• 2 1-quart mason jars with lids
• 1 8-ounce jar with lid
• Large measuring cup
• Styrofoam or plastic cooler

• 1 Gallon whole milk (actually any milk can be used – 2%, 1%, skim)
• 1 Cup prepared plain yogurt with active cultures

1. Sterilize all jars and equipment by boiling them in the large, covered stock pot for 10 minutes in 1 inch of water. Remove from heat and keep covered.

2. Scald the milk using the double broiler. Heat the milk slowly with medium heat, making sure the bottom doesn’t burn. The temperature of the milk should be 185 F – 195 F. The milk does not have to boil.

3. Place the covered pot of milk in a sink or pan of cold water to cool. Remove when the temperature reaches 122 F – 130 F.

4. Add 1 cup of the cooled milk to the measuring cup. Add 1 cup of prepared yogurt and stir until thoroughly mixed.

5. Slowly add the 2-cup milk/yogurt mixture to the pot of milk while stirring.

6. Pour the inoculated mix into the 1-quart jars and tighten the lids. Fill only to the neck of the jar.

7. Warm 1 gallon of water to 122 F and pour into the cooler. Add the jars of yogurt, cover the cooler, and let it sit for at least 3 hours until the yogurt is gelled.

Posted 3798 day ago

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Question Title how to make yogurt ?
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