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how to poop ?

I don't know how to poop. Please help!

3801 day(s) ago

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Pooping is easy. Your body takes care of it naturally. When it is ready to come out, your colon and anus will take care of the process. Unfortunately, we live in a society that appreciates cleanliness and hygiene, so a little personal effort in concert with the natural process is required. Pooping properly also helps diminish the spread of disease and controls body odor.

First, a proper receptacle is needed. This is usually a toilet, but an outhouse, latrine, or deep hole in the ground will also suffice. Bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, or swimming pools should never be used as pooping receptacles.

Once a proper pooping receptacle is located, squat over it or sit on the seat that has been constructed over it for just that purpose. Let the bowel movement happen naturally. Squeezing or painful muscle movements are not recommended and can cause medical problems such as hemorrhoids.

Once all fecal matter (the poop) has been released, additional cleaning is necessary. This is called – wiping your butt. Tissue paper in long rolls of perforated squares is manufactured specifically for wiping butts. Use this whenever possible. Other types of paper such as napkins and paper towels can also be used.

Take a few squares of bathroom tissue and fold them together for strength. Some people prefer to use a “wadding” method. Lift your butt slightly from the seat and reach around, wiping from front to back using the first three fingers primarily. Fold the tissue and repeat, wiping gently at first and using a little more pressure for subsequent wipes. You should not be using so much pressure that it causes bleeding. The middle finger, under the paper, should work around the exterior of the anus itself. Use more tissue paper as necessary until the wipes come out clean. Follow up with a wet wipe, if available.

Finally, if you are using a toilet, flush. If you pooped outside in a hole, cover it with dirt.

Posted 3801 day ago

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